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Fine Art, Antiques and Antiquities Specialist

50 Brizewood, Carterton, Oxfordshire. UK.


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Desmond Brambley Photography


Digitally recording precious artefacts, for study, publication or sales requires a high degree of technical accuracy to ensure the correct colours, textures and details are visible. Each end use requires a different methodology to achieve the results that suit the clients brief.

Often the items that I shoot are unique and highly valued. To minimise the potential risk of damage, I bring an entire studio to your location, thereby avoiding any transportation. Colours are reproduced accurately using white balance tools and the scale of the items is recorded using forensically admissible tools.

Correctly recording artefacts is a necessity for the wider study of precious objects. Rare and important items will have a regular audience of both academic professionals and interested laity. High quality images will also add value to the items and collections themselves.

Key to the successful recording of these precious items is to be consistent with the lighting, colour balance and quality of the imaging materials used. Affordability of high quality pictures is a very important concern for collectors, dealers, institutions and publishers.

Technology today offers an almost unparalleled process for capturing artefacts in ways that have been largely out of reach for many. 


With many public institutions facing cuts to their funding and an ever-greater requirement for their collections to be available to the wider community via the Internet, the cost of having large and extensive acquisition groups photographed can be prohibitively expensive. Over the last decade I have been working towards a workflow that is both efficient and cost effective, especially for large volume sets.